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Episode 20 - Stitching Together a Life in Alaska with Kate Mitchell

October 30th, 2019

I sit down this week with Kate Mitchell, founder of NOMAR in Homer, to learn about how she grew up, how layoffs at Boeing caused her to join the Coast Guard and head up to Alaska, how she started NOMAR, her philosophy on business, and how her entrepreneurial spirit, love of Homer, and the dying art of sewing cultivated an unlikely manufacturing success.


Chewing the Fat with Alex and JJ (1:40)

Spoonful of Medicine with Nurse Midwife Julie McCarron (8:05)

Interview with Kate Mitchell (16:28)

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Episode 19 - Hospital General with Ryan Smith

October 23rd, 2019

This week we sit down with Ryan Smith, the new CEO of South Peninsula Hospital, to discuss his new role as CEO, the culture and goals of SPH, his return to the Homer community after 20 years working in other places, and how and why he got into hospital administration as a career.

In our new segment Spoonful of Medicine we talk to Meredith Pearson, Clinical Coordinator for Infusion and Oncology at SPH, about her role administering chemotherapy and other infusion therapies.

In Chewing the Fat with Alex and JJ we talk about JJ's photography tip, going with a gut feeling, and making friends as an adult.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Office Hours will be held at Kbay Cafe from 10am - 2pm this weekend and we welcome your feedback on Facebook, Instagram or email at

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Episode 18 - Zen and the Art of Commercial Fishing with Infants with Megan Corazza

October 16th, 2019

This week I sit down with Megan Corazza - lifelong Homer resident, 20 year fishing boat captain, and accomplished horseback hunter - to talk about her life. We dig into her psyche a little and talk about what drives her to keep fishing and hunting in the Alaskan wilderness, her experience as a skipper in Prince William Sound, how to raise a baby on a seiner, her parents and childhood, and why the culture of commercial fishing in Alaska is so special.

In "Chewing the Fat with Alex and JJ", JJ and Alex talk about how the role of a portrait photographer has changed in the last three decades, misconceptions about social media, and how Facebook and Instagram have turned into essential tools for our businesses.

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Episode 17 - The Best Part of Waking Up is Ethan Smith in His Cup

October 9th, 2019

Ethan Smith, the owner of The Coffeesmith, dropped by our brand new state-of-the-art studio (my apartment living room) to chat with The Homer Alaska Podcast. I talk to him about how and why he started Homer's newest drive-thru coffee shop, what it's like to work in a giant cup, his philosophy on coffee and business, his story of growing up in Seward and Valdez, his family, and Homer's community.

Also, Alex and JJ discuss JJ's first week as a full-time photographer, the value of an idea, and the newest health revelations around vaping in "Chewing the Fat with Alex and JJ."

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Episode 16 - Life Imitating Art with Asia Freeman

October 2nd, 2019

This week I speak with Asia Freeman, the Artistic Director of the Bunnell Arts Center in Homer. We talk about her childhood being raised outside of Homer by an artistically talented mother and a rugged father, the artistic vs entrepreneurial tendencies in artists, what Alaska can learn from Iceland in terms of developing its creative economy, her time at Yale, and the Bunnell Arts Center.

Other segments include "Chewing the Fat with Alex and JJ" where we discuss taking negative feedback in a creative endeavor and our siblings (including a very funny prank JJ played on his brother), and "Alaska Property Bros" with Marjolein Cardon where she talks about how she and her team at Kachemak Group Real Estate do due diligence on behalf of buyers.

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Episode 15 - History 201 with Clem Tillion

September 25th, 2019

This week we're publishing the second part of a special two-part series with Clem Tillion: combat veteran of the WWII South Pacific Theater,  a homesteader in Halibut Cove since the late 1940s, nine-term state legislator, and history buff. We talk a lot about his career in fisheries management, what Alaska has done well to manage its resources and what it could have done better, his political career, and the permanent fund.

I also sit down with Marjolein Cardon from Kachemak Group Real Estate to discuss the marketing and legal protections she provides sellers in a transaction. Finally, I introduce my new co-host for the first part of each show - Josiah Coe - and we talk about the worst jobs we've ever had.

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Episode 14 - History 101 with Clem Tillion

September 18th, 2019

 I sit down with Clem Tillion for the first of two episodes with him. Clem is in his mid-90s, is a combat veteran of the WWII South Pacific Theater,  a homesteader in Halibut Cove since the late 1940s, a nine-term state legislator, and a history buff. This episode we discuss his childhood, his time fighting in World War II, coming to Alaska, homesteading Halibut Cove, and his relationship with Jay Hammond and his wife Diana Tillion.

We also start the end of our "Alaska Property Bros" segment with the first of three parts with Marjolein Cardon discussing the value of working with Kachemak Group Real Estate vs For Sale By Owner and I discuss one thing I hate about shopping at Safeway. 

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Episode 13

September 11th, 2019

This week I speak to Deb Rhoades about her lifelong love of Alaska, how she has carved out a niche in the fishing/marine industry that does not involve being a deckhand or running a boat, how she hustles to stay in Alaska, and her work in production on The Deadliest Catch.

I also discuss where I've been all summer, my new "Office Hours" at Stowaway Cafe (Saturdays 10am - 2pm) and how and why you should support the show! Also listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher.

Season 1 Episode 12

May 29th, 2019 

I sit down with Dan Coe to talk about his life growing up in blue collar Pittsburgh and making a living as an artist - first among the rich kids of the east coast and eventually here in Homer, Alaska. We also talk about parenting, sign painting, and Dan gives advice to young people who want to make a living as an artist.

I also talk to Debbie Fanatia at Kachemak Group Real Estate again for vacation rental investment part 2.

Season 1 Episode 11

May 15th, 2019 

In this episode I sit down with Marian Beck and discuss life growing up in Halibut Cove as Clem Tillion's daughter. She describes a wild Alaskan childhood accompanied by an array of artist and politicians. She talks about how her love of regional food and cooking was solidified at Cal Poly, describes a formative trip to Europe with her college friends, and tells the story of how she opened The Saltry and ultimately ended up on Good Morning America.

Additionally, Debbie Fanatia from Kachemak Group Real Estate talks vacation rentals and I give you five reasons I love my mom for Mother's Day.


Intro (0:00 - 10:09)

Alaska Property Bros with Debbie Fanatia on Vacation Rental Investments (10:09 - 16:19)

Interview with Marian Beck (15:19 - 56:24)

Season 1 Episode 10

May 8th, 2019 

This week I interviewed Eric Engebretsen. We talked all things Bay Welding - how he grew the company with his parents 10x in just 15 years, and where it is today. In that story he shared what life was like growing up in Homer, how he knew he was put on this earth to build things, and how leaving to see (quite literally) the world solidified his love of this town. He also shares some of his business philosophy and issues with passing family businesses down to the next generation. 


Additionally, we have Denise Pitzman from Kachemak Group Real Estate to give us some great insight on overcoming the challenges to determine a property price in Homer and I tell a story of a good deed gone wrong and discuss the 1950s.


Intro (0:00 - 9:28)

Alaska Property Bros with Denise Pitzman on Pricing (9:28 - 15:34)

Interview with Eric Engebretsen (15:34 - 55:37)

Season 1 Episode 9

May 1st, 2019 

In this episode I talk with McKibben Jackinsky about growing up in one of Ninilchik's first families, her childhood, leaving the state for the big city and coming home, raising daughters as a single mom on the homestead, working the North Slope, starting a career as a writer late in life and the impact of oil and gas exploration on the Kenai Peninsula.

I also discuss why social media may be even more important in a business context than we think.

Season 1 Episode 8

April 24th, 2019 

I sat down with Ash Churchill who, at under 40 years old, is building a strong case for being the most interesting man in the world. Born in Cairns, Australia Ash dropped out of high school to work on tug boats and in mining before running away with his scuba instructor to St. Thomas, getting married, and finding his way together with her up to Homer to run charter boats, fly drones, build off-grid homes, and help his customers buy and sell real estate in Homer.

Ash - known as Kachemak Group Real Estate's "Carhartt Realtor" to his customers - is sought for his insight into evaluating and developing raw land and his experience leveraging the latest energy technology to build his large, comfortable home completely off-grid. 

I also discuss the value of a college degree and talk to Ash formally in our "Alaska Property Bros" segment about evaluating property for off-grid power.

Season 1 Episode 7

April 17th, 2019 


I sat down with Kyra Wagner this week to discuss her life and work in Homer. We cover a huge variety of topics and have a few laughs before getting down to business - talking about how the growth of farming in Homer is driving sustainability and how we all need community to survive.

Also this week - Karen Marquardt with Kachemak Group Real Estate teaches us about the importance of staging a home to sell, and I talk about Alaskans and their pets.

Season 1 Episode 6

I sit down with Troy Jones - family man, hunting guide, pastor of Eastgate Fellowship Church, and owner of East Road Services - to discuss his family's move to Homer in the 50s and what life was like growing up on the homestead. He shares some of his valuable wisdom on the outdoors and a few stories about bear and moose encounters, and talks about the major changes Homer has undergone over the years.

Season 1 Episode 5

This week I sit down with Ashley Steiner - the incredible chef/owner of the Tickled Pear food truck. Ashley tells me about her childhood learning about fresh, responsible food from her grandparents on the family farm in Nebraska, her thoughts on culinary school, working her way up in the kitchen at Wasabi's, and finally striking out on her own with The Tickled Pear food truck.

Season 1 Episode 4

I sit down with Ken and discuss his journey coming to Homer from Massachussets via Africa, close brushes with death, and how he uses his position as Mayor to heal division in the city and move forward as a stronger community.

Season 1 Episode 3

I sit down with Kelly and talk to her about how she got her start in her current businesses out of adversity, how she ran for office and deals with the adversity of being an elected representative, and her thoughts on what makes Homer special and how to protect it.

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Season 1 Episode 2

I sit down with Doug this week and talk about his journey from Kalkaska, Michigan to Homer, Alaska - how a serendipitous college class led him to be an educator - and how he has spent the last five years steering the culture of Homer High School towards practical learning and caring for each individual student.

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Season 1 Episode 1

I sit down with Shelly to discuss her story of growing up in Homer, leaving for college, and why she decided to come back. We also discuss how she came to be involved in business (Home Run Oil, Baycrest RV Park, Homer Tours, and Tesoro) and politics (city council) - and she gives advice on how to make it in a small town in business and talks about how Homer has changed.

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